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Apr 02 2020

Last month four-time GRAMMY Award winner and reigning ACM Entertainer of the Year Keith Urban, released his new single “God Whispered Your Name.”  A week later it was his biggest streaming debut to date.  As it continues to move up the charts, now comes the release of the song’s official music video, directed by Jennifer Massaux, that perfectly complements a song that as Urban states can mean a lot of things to a lot of different people. See the video here To listen to “God Whispered Your Name” click here

“I wanted to first try and capture a sense of isolation, a lonely, dark place, that transitions into light a bit more as the video progresses, which for me is how I found my own world opening up as I went along my journey,” said Urban.

But as Urban tells it the video had its challenges. “That dark and lonely place, was underneath a warehouse in Nashville, literally the darkest, dank and smelly place.  We spent the whole morning there shooting everything that you now see in the first part of the video.”

But the smell wasn’t the only challenge.

“There was water in this room that I thought was like an inch deep,” explains Urban.  “So, I opened the door, walked in and it was really about a foot.  The first idea I had was to put my feet and socks into a garbage bag – tie them up and put my shoes on.  I’d have my foot, my sock, a garbage bag and then my shoe – it made so much sense – but the water went everywhere.  At the end of the shoot I took my boots off and they were drenched – probably as much water in the bag as there was in the waterway!”

The video’s cinematic sense of space and light is represented best as Urban is seen, from a variety of different drone shots, playing his guitar while balanced atop a boulder on an extraordinary mountainscape located just outside of the small town of Lancaster, California. “Playing guitar atop a boulder is definitely not a great idea.  You just kinda lose yourself in what you’re doing, and every minute or two you realize what you’re doing, and you think, ‘I better not fall off this big ass boulder!’”

But in the end, Urban’s goal is very basic.  “For me, a good music video takes the song to another level.  It maybe gives the song a bit more dimension and hopefully we’ve done that with this one.”