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Jan 15 2019

Singer/songwriter Christina Holmes has released a brand new single, “Everybody Knows,” from her forthcoming third studio album. The heartfelt track was recorded at Spitfire Studios in Los Angeles and features a new direction for Christina.  Vocals are layered over guitar, bass, and djembe to create a piece that feels larger than life.  “Everybody Knows” can be heard at

“’Everybody Knows’ was inspired by my journey to Standing Rock and the people I met there,” shares Christina. “It was the first time I had ever been in a situation where everyone (those who were peacefully protesting) was on the same page. Everyone was there for a greater purpose, for the people, the land, the children, the future generations. Everybody knows that we need to live in peace, everybody knows the children are our future, and everybody knows we wouldn’t be who we are without the people who came before us. In those moments near the Cannonball river, it showed me that what we are all hoping for could one day be a reality. I feel like we forget that we all know what we need to make a better world but it gets lost in the hustle and gets lost is those who believe it can never be possible. I’m hoping this song guides people to think more of others, think more of the land we are so lucky to stand upon, and realize if we all come together as one, we can live in a much better life and create a better world for those to come”

After launching her own label Cove House in 2017, Christina dove headfirst into her sophomore album, Stand Up, with producer Warren Huart [Colbie Caillat, James Blunt].  Following the album release, Christina embarked on a marathon of touring alongside Trevor Hall, Xavier Rudd, and Nahko of Medicine for the People.  Traveling from city to city she shared her musical message of empowerment and peace.  From the plaintive lyrical poetry and wind-swept soul of “Let My Music Free Your Soul” to the clarion call of “Stand Up,” her voice resounds with power and passion. The final track of Stand Up, “Always,” is perhaps one of her most personal, written after the passing of her father David Holmes, Sr., it incorporates the last voicemail he left Christina. One of her must upbeat songs, “Positive Day,” captures Christina’s infectious energy and encourages people to see the light in their everyday life and to live life to the fullest.

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