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Mar 13 2019


Powerhouse vocalist and songwriter Chloe has announced her long-awaited debut solo album, The In-Between, will be released on April 19th.  The 15-track concept album was written and vocally produced by Chloe Lowery herself and was musically produced by Travis Laws.  The songs were born from a journey of self-discovery following an emotional heartbreak and each song and interlude is accompanied by a video.  Each track infuses the raw emotion and power of Chloe’s voice to paint a story that is widely relatable.  More information about The In-Between can be found at

“We are told; the pinnacle moments of our lives consist of the a series of highs and lows that produce a foundation upon which we strengthen our character. This album is born from the usually unspoken moments where everything is at a stand still, the future is unknown, and the reluctant need for change is paramount- The In-Between. These were the times that I discovered who I was and what I wanted to say. This record is an extension of my hearts’ loudest cries, its greatest fears, its underlying faith in love, and deepest regrets”.

Today, Chloe has also released the official video for “Renegade.” The one-shot video brings to life the emotions and conflicting feelings that lead to a breakup. Filmed in a parking garage, multiple scenes artistically play out in black and white before fading in to color for the resolution of this story. View the video for “Renegade” here:

From the cinematic duet “Giving Up On You” with Nathan James (Inglorious, Trans-Siberian Orchestra), to the vibrant “Crazy” featuring guitar legend Al Pitrelli to the groovy “Dirty Disco,” Chloe builds a narrative that offers a personal look at her metamorphosis. The album also includes a unique arrangement of the 80s classic “It Must Have Been Love” by Roxette.  Probably the most powerful and personal of the tracks is “Don’t Let Yourself Down,” a ballad that took shape from words that Chloe’s mother said to her in one of her saddest moments. The song serves as a catalyst for the rest of the album and has a universal meaning far beyond the initial intention. The acoustic closing track, “The Words You Wanted,” is the perfect ending of this story of grief, self-discovery and acceptance.

The In Between Tracklisting:

  1. How Could You
  2. Betrayal (Interlude)
  3. Shiny Toy
  4. Denial (Interlude)
  5. Renegade
  6. Letting Go (Interlude)
  7. Giving Up On You (feat. Nathan James)
  8. Reflection (Interlude)
  9. Crazy (feat. Al Pitrelli)
  10. It Must Have Been Love
  11. Acceptance (Interlude)
  12. Dirty Disco
  13. Don’t Let Yourself Down
  14. Forgiveness (Interlude)
  15. The Words You Wanted

Chloe has been the featured vocalist for recording and touring phenomeon Trans-Siberian Orchestra since 2010 and has toured extensively and performed on Broadway with international sensation Rocktopia.  She has also recorded and toured with beloved keyboardist/composer Yanni on his landmark Yanni Voices album and tour, performed with renowned jazz trumpeter Chris Botti, has been a soloist with the New York City Ballet, collaborated with noted hard-rock guitarist Joel Hoekstra, and even stepped into Janis Joplin’s shoes to tour with her legendary band Big Brother and the Holding Company.

Connect with Chloe:

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