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Feb 14 2020

Anastasia Elliot was looking forward to a songwriting trip to finish a song called “Crash Landing,” when the plane she was on, Southwest Airlines flight 345, slammed into the runway at LaGuardia in 2013. This incident would prove to be transformational to both her life and to her music. Seven years after the landing gear failed on that fateful day, the video for this track from Anastasia’s full-length debut comes crashing into the digital universe. View the video for “Crash Landing” here:

In the official video for “Crash Landing,’ Anastasia readies herself for something. As the camera pulls back and she straps on her helmet, the viewer is invited along for a ride on an out of control spaceship. For the duration of the video, Anastasia steadies herself and takes command of the ship. The multi-dimensional artist gives viewers a peak into her real-life crash as the actual air traffic control audio from Southwest Flight 345 is played over a pivotal scene in the bridge. Anastasia flings open her helmet, gasping for air as she imagines tranquil blue skies and attempts to breathe. The viewer is rewarded with a moment of empowerment as Anastasia reattaches her visor and again becomes a woman in control of her own destiny.  In this one take video, Anastasia has created a story where she is empowered, where she is in charge, where she rights the ship and lands on her own terms.

“This video is a surreal re-imagining of my real-life plane crash, one in which I am in control,” shares Anastasia. “It explores how being in charge doesn’t always redirect the outcome. The control and power for me comes in being able to create this project and work through different versions of a traumatic situation. I have found so much healing through creativity.”

Anastasia Elliot’s approach to writing melodies is heavily influenced by an upbringing steeped in classical music, operatic vocal training, and classical piano. Her forthcoming epic and surreal debut spirals into the depths of insanity and beauty as it confronts the experience of trauma. The prologue single, “Cigarettes & Gasoline,” was praised by Alternative Press saying that ‘her raw vocal range is nothing short of consuming and gut-wrenching.” At the heart of the singer’s appeal is her exposed voice, which is at its most alluring when it soars above the pummeling pop-rock soundscapes that are dressed in symphonic touches. In January 2020, Anastasia partnered with The Great Khalid Foundation for a benefit which went towards music education programs in the city of El Paso.  She was also invited to the NAMM Show 2020 where she hosted a workshop on how to create an exciting live show with innovative technologies on a limited budget.

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