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  • WHITNEY WOERZ JOINS JESSE MCCARTNEY ON THE RESOLUTION TOUR January 8, 2019 OFFICIAL BEHIND THE SCENES VIDEO FOR ‘LOVE ME NOT’ OUT TODAY   2019 is off to a big start for singer Whitney Woerz, who today announced that she will be joining Jesse McCartney on his The Resolution Tour as his supporting act.  The tour kicks off on Friday, January 11th, in Dallas and will make ...
  • WHITNEY WOERZ DEBUTS OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO FOR “LOVE ME NOT” October 26, 2018 New York, NY – Singer Whitney Woerz has premiered the official video for her latest single, “Love Me Not.” The single’s lyric video, which was released this summer, debuted at No. 14 on the YouTube Top Music Videos Chart and has received a staggering 43 million views. The official video depicts a housewife in 1940s ...
  • WHITNEY WOERZ PREMIERES LYRIC VIDEO FOR NEW SINGLE “LOVE ME NOT” August 3, 2018 New York, NY – Singer, Whitney Woerz today released her latest single and accompanying lyric video, “Love Me Not.” The song, written by Whitney, Thomas Kipp Williams (Echosmith), Dan Muckala (Echosmith), and Vanessa Marie Campagna and produced by Glenn Rosestein, demonstrates a growth in Whitney’s songwriting and continues to show her ability to tackle timely ...


As a rising 16-year-old singer/songwriter and junior at the High School of the Performing Arts in New York City, Whitney Woerz is equal parts passion and talent.  Combining an alternative pop sound with lyrics firmly rooted in personal experience, Whitney’s music possesses a depth and sonic maturity that extends well beyond her years. Her honesty and transparency produce profoundly impactful music that poignantly depicts a multitude of personal experiences that are accompanied by a range of emotions.

Says Whitney, “I’m at a place in my life where I’m focused on topics that are meaningful to me. I write about what moves me. This makes me vulnerable, but I’m okay with that.  I’m showing exactly who I am and I hope that my musical honesty encourages others to feel empowered to be their authentic selves.”

Her latest EP, Iridescent will be released Summer 2017 via 600 Volt with distribution provided by RED.  Touching on life’s intersections of teen angst, un-requited love, friendship and emotional challenges, Whitney has a professional musical maturity that has been compared to that of Sara Bareilles, Alessia Cara, and Tori Kelly.

“Whitney’s development as a writer, performer and artist is on full display in this latest effort,” says Grammy Award-winner Glenn Rosenstein, who has produced Whitney’s Behind the Smile and The Fame Sessions: LIVE from Muscle Shoals (filmed in the historic FAME Recording Studios in Muscles Shoals, Alabama), the videos for which have generated over 100 million views.  “The depth of her musical knowledge is well beyond her years and it continues to grow.  She’s a great creative partner, a thoughtful collaborator and a surprisingly experienced soul.”

Whitney’s honesty is apparent on the hard hitting, “Misplaced Your Love,” which explores the struggles that can arise in relationships, while Whitney’s ability to transcend genres is apparent in the R&B and funk infused “Carousel.” “Missing You More,” tackles the loss of a loved one in a poignant ballad that showcases Whitney’s remarkable vocal range, while the EP’s first single Idea of Her, pairs an infectious melody with a warning to look deeper than the image a person is presenting.

“I chose Iridescent as the title for my EP because the songs on it are about how people appear to be versus what’s inside” says Whitney “I relate the word ‘iridescent’ to people – how they change – how sometimes they aren’t exactly what they seem. I want my fans to know, they are not alone in what often-times feels really isolating and confusing.”  It is this authenticity that has served to connect Whitney with a following that is growing exponentially with each release.

Whitney’s strength as a songwriter stems from her ability to poignantly and accurately depict a multitude of relevant teenage issues. She is a teen ambassador for Glenn Close’s non-profit organization, BringChange2Mind and has made a commitment to share a portion of her profits with the organization.  Through her music, Whitney has emerged as an advocate against bullying.

“I think that it’s extremely important for people to invest in each other,” added Whitney “Though I love social media, I do think that there is point when you lose touch with a tangible reality. We need human contact and it should happen more often.”

In her own voice and her own way, 16-year-old Whitney Woerz is coming of age.  Her music is well beyond her years.  Her lyrics are sincere and forthcoming – a recipe for a bond that will no doubt see her sharing her musical journey with her fans.