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Organ Freeman

Organ Freeman is like a traditional organ trio, only not. The three-piece — comprised of guitarist Erik Carlson, drummer Rob Humphreys and organist Trevor Steer — also incorporates elements of jazz, funk and polka into their blend of heavily improvised “jam” music, bringing the standard idea of an organ trio into the 21st century.

While the group’s training is primarily rooted in that of jazz and funk music, the three-piece is unafraid to draw from other genres, sometimes working in propulsive drum and bass beats or weaving in hard and heavy guitar riffs. Rife with synths and layered sounds, Organ Freeman is no stranger to experimentation. Made up of professional studio musicians from Los Angeles, the band formed with one goal in mind — to create as much sound as humanly possible from three musicians.

Known for their in-the-pocket grooves, tight-laced musicianship, and unrelenting energy, Organ Freeman has only just begun to break through the noise. With the release of 2017’s critically acclaimed ‘Respect My Art,’ the band further honed their progressive sound, pushing themselves to go bigger and expand upon their dynamic and fresh compositions.

Catch Organ Freeman on tour this spring with Umphrey’s McGee, at Red Rocks with The Disco Biscuits in May, or at nationally recognized festivals like Summer Camp and Peach Music Festival this summer.